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Award-Winning Director/Filmmaker/Storyteller

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About Frank

Frank is a world-building director and filmmaker known for telling emotionally powerful stories.  His superpower is eliciting deep rich performances from actors. It’s a fluent language for him after his time at Juilliard, along with years of real-world experience. Frank understands how to breakdown and build a story. He truly appreciates the spiritual and emotional support that helps an actor achieve their very best. He's had the opportunity to work with and learn from superb directors like Lesli Linka Glatter, Alan Yang, Mimi Leder, Steve McQueen, and Lou Diamond Phillips. Recently, Frank played legendary civil rights leader James Farmer, Jr. in the upcoming film ‘Rustin’ produced by The Obamas. It was a gift to observe director George C. Wolfe at work. Frank is equally a fan of both comedy and drama and has been fortunate enough to employ both flavors in the roles he's written, and directed, and performed.

The product of centuries of great African and Irish storytellers, Frank is thrilled to continue this tradition both in front of and behind the camera.

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